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Casey Li

Work Experience

Start End
October 2011 Present Senior Software Engineer / Product Owner, Teldio
  • Designed and Implemented Web Interface, Database, Installation, and Build components of RBX +Plus and MDN applications.
  • Drove Product Direction and Development in a Scrum Development Environment.
  • Solidified technical expertise in Ruby on Rails, Java, SQL (PostgreSQL).
  • Picked up new languages and technologies including Python, Nullsoft, SVN, Jenkins Build Server.
  • Improved Project Management skills as a Product Owner and gained good experience with tools like AgileZen and Trello.
  • Became very familiar with Agile principles and the Scrum Development Process.
January 2013 Present Founder, BiteSite
  • Web Developer and Designer using Ruby on Rails
  • Video Production using Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Nikon D7000, Professional Film Gear
  • Mobile Developer using Swift
  • Photographer using Adobe Photoshop, Aperture, Nikon D7000
  • Graphic Design using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
January 2008 October 2011 Team Lead / Software Engineer, NorthStar Utilities Solutions
  • Gained an extensive background in Web Application Development programming in Classic ASP, ASP.NET (both VB and C#), JSP, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Database SQL and more.
  • Gained knowledge in Java EE, JBoss, Tomcat, 4GL, Ant, and other languages as well.
  • Gained solid understanding of the Software Engineering and Management process while being involved in projects from Domain Analysis to Launch.
  • Demonstrated Time Management, Leadership, and Conflict Management Skills by managing small teams and major software projects while occasionally mentoring other employees.
  • Exemplified initiative by spear-heading projects like the “Grid of Nine” and the “Intrigued?” spirit campaign.
  • Demonstrated Presentation skills by giving Sales Demos, Product Demos, Motivational Speeches, and Training Sessions during Annual Customer Conferences, Sales Engagements, Leadership Conferences, Web Sessions, Internal Training and more.
January 2008 October 2011 Advertising and Marketing Media Producer, NorthStar Utilities Solutions
  • Strengthened Creative talents while producing Marketing Materials including Promotional Videos, Brochure and Magazine Advertisements, and Online Advertisements for Trade Shows and Conferences.
  • Developed an aptitude for design and collaboration while working with third parties such as BayTek Systems and Stiff Sentences to create promotional materials.
  • Honed skills in Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe After Effects
2003 2004 Software Engineer, Natural Resources Canada (2 Co-op Work Terms)
  • Exemplified Self-Learning by learning the .Net Framework and the C# language to work on an Analysis Framework.
2002 2002 Tutor and Volunteer Teacher, Various
  • Demonstrated teaching skill by taking over an OAC Physics and OAC Finite Mathematics course at Fellowes High School, Pembroke, ON.
  • Also tutored First Year University Chemistry in one-on-one sessions.