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Casey Li


Quick, concrete tips about presentation and slide design.

Welcome to Slideroom - one of the many resources out there hoping to fix the systematic problem of bad presentations. Here, we focus on quick, concrete tips about presentation and slide design. Something to always keep in mind is that the best presentations are not just about the speaker, not just about the content, and definitely not just about the slides but rather about a well-orchestrated, balanced, and apporpriate performance between all of those parts.

This work was heavily inspired by @steveschoger and his RefactoringUI brand. I should also mention that when I got started with slide design, Garr Reynold's Presentation Zen was definitely a big influence.

If you'd like me to use one of your slides as a case study or have any questions, feel free to reach out via twitter @caseyli23 or by e-mail at either or

For regular updates, follow me on Twitter @caseyli23.

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For more tips and updates in the future, follow me on Twitter @caseyli23.